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Solar Eclipse 2017
Panama Canal Cruise 2017
New Orleans 2016
Texas 2016
Stratford 2016
Alaska 2015
ARRL Convention July 2014
Virginia and elsewhere May 2014
Texas June 2013
South Dakota 2012
Bike the Drive 2012
Texas 2012
Cruise and Texas Sept 2011
Chicago July 2011
Texas 2011
Florida 2010
West Coast 2010
Virginia and Texas 2009
Chicago and Uganda 2009
Colorado Sept/Oct 2008
Virginia June/July 2008
Pilgrimage to the Holy Land December 2007 
Texas Sept/Oct 2007
New England April/May 2007
Texas and Branson Oct/Nov 2006
California and Arizona March 2006 
Ottawa Nov. 2005
Chicago Sept. 2005
Virginia July 2005
Texas April 2005
California 2004 
Texas April 2004 
Texas April 2003 
Texas and More May 2002 
Texas June 2001  
Texas March 2001
Florida and Disney World 2000
California 2000
Toronto and Niagara 1999
Virginia and Texas 1999
Texas and California 1997
Toronto and
Niagara 1997
Europe 1998
Europe 1996
Chicago 1995
DC and New York 1991

Great Britain

Great Britain
and Finland


I've traveled a bit in my life, though not as extensively as relatives of mine who've lived overseas for many years.  Still, I have been to 49 of the 50 states (all of the Lower 48 plus Alaska), Canada, Mexico, Great Britain, France, Finland, Germany (transiting only) and the Netherlands (transiting only), Israel and Uganda.

Along the way, I've catalogued my travels on film, on video and, in many instances, travelogues.   Take a look at the links on the left side of the page to see some examples. The newest ones are at the top of the list.

Now Available: travelogues for New Orleans 2016, Texas 2016, Stratford 2016, and Alaska 2015

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In the course of my travels, I've found several good places to eat.  Here are a few of them (as well as some that are close to home):

Nationwide, Multiple


  • Fresh Choice and Souplantation/Sweet Tomatoes -- salad bar buffets where you can eat healthily.  Fresh Choice is strongest around San Francisco, while Souplantation is more prevalent in Southern California. 




  • Richtree -- similar to the Mövenpick Marché; in fact, most of these used to be Mövenpick Marchés or Marchelinos.
  • Moxie's -- a decent Canadian chain; I've visited the Windsor location
  • Kelsey's -- another decent Canadian casual restaurant chain; I've visited the one east of Windsor 
  • The Keg -- very good steakhouse chain with Canadian and US locations. I've been to the one in downtown Winnipeg.

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RevisedAugust 27, 2017