from the collection of Roger Reini

Here are some of my guitars.  As you can see, I'm a big fan of Rickenbacker guitars.

This first one is a modified 325V59 in Jetglo (black).  It was modified by its previous owner to look nearly identical to the guitar John Lennon used in the Beatles during 1963 and early 1964.

This guitar is a model 350 which I've had since 1994.  You could say it's the big brother model to the 325, as they share their body style.  But while the 325 is a short-scale guitar and has a vibrato, the 350 is a regular-scale guitar and does not have a vibrato.

This is a 360/12WB from 1988.  The WB denotes double-bound -- i.e., binding on the front and back of the body.  This makes it appear very similar to the 12-string guitar George Harrison played in  A Hard Day's Night.



This Mapleglo 360/12 from 1987 was the first 12-string Rickenbacker I acquired.  I bought it in Akron, Ohio. This guitar is for sale.

Revised April 13, 2008
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Front view of Rick 360/12 guitar