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Andrew Mitchell's "Go Home!" page is "devoted to the one performer who has portrayed more characters than anyone in performance history". That may or may not be true. Regardless, Tracey Ullman has portrayed hundreds of characters and roles in her various television series, films, and guest appearances. How many? Read on....

This list is intended to be a comprehensive listing of the various characters portrayed by Tracey Ullman in her various TV series and films, from the prominent to the obscure. I say "intended to be" because this list will have gaps, primarily involving her roles in British productions which have not been seen in America.

Updates will be ongoing as I receive more information. For instance, several of the characters who are identifed as 'woman doing this or that' no doubt have names, which I'll get by digging into my video collection and reviewing the tapes .... as if I need an excuse to do that.... Anyway, if you have an update, please let me know. My e-mail address can be found on my contact page.

Much of the information about Tracey's early roles in theater and TV in Britain came from a playbill for the summer 1982 production of "She Stoops To Conquer", which someone had put up for auction on eBay.

US: The Tracey Ullman Show | Tracey Takes On... | "Takes On New York" | Others
UK: "A Class Act" | Three Of A Kind
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Television Series and Specials

North America (US, Canada)

The Tracey Ullman Show (1987-1990, FOX)

Characters are listed in approximate order of their first appearance.

  1. Herself
  2. The woman who got "The Makeover"
  3. Woman who gets "The Audition"
  4. Justine, a woman who meets her old flame ("The Letter")
  5. Sarah Downey, yuppie par excellence
  6. Pamela, the fiancee of David (a stripper)
  7. Nancy, who wins the lottery
  8. Lynette, an ambulance attendant
  9. Mary, a distraught dancer ("Girl on a Ledge")
  10. The woman who turned into her own mother
  11. The woman who needs a new answering machine message
  12. Molly, who's in love with a comedian
  13. Kay Clark, office worker and caregiver for her mother
  14. Bunny, whose neighbor is in love with her
  15. Brenda, a patient of psychiatrist Alexander Gibson
  16. Celine, a lounge singer who's upset with her boyfriend
  17. Francesca McDowell, a teenager living with her father and his longtime companion
  18. A very happy lady (unnamed)
  19. Carmel Pinkum, a lady who's "different" (like Doris Day auditioning for Nine Inch Nails)
  20. Nadia, the Russian trapeze artist
  21. Dr. Jillian Smalls, radio psychologist
  22. Sandra Decker, veteran actress
  23. Tina, a postal worker
  24. Kiki Howard-Smith, pro golfer from Australia
  25. Ariel, a singer (her big hit was "Slit My Wrists")
  26. Blanca, a dancer who is not wearing any panties (based on a true story)
  27. Bonita Carlisle (Gruhn), snotty British economist
  28. Wife of a British Cabinet minister accused of a sex scandal (unnamed)
  29. Daughter in "What I Did For Love" (unnamed)
  30. Dancer in "Skin the Duck"
  31. Cindy, a woman at a New York City bus stop (who's not what she seems)
  32. Dancer Lisa Morgan
  33. Miss Putney, an elderly mystery writer
  34. Calendar girl model (who *really* likes money)
  35. Molly, a woman who paints her kitchen black (a different Molly from above)
  36. Natural scientist, whose closest friend is an orangutan
  37. Organist
  38. Ginny Tillman, ex-wife of a proctologist
  39. Summer Storm, DJ
  40. Delivery woman
  41. Kristy Muldoon, Scottish rock star
  42. Laura, the woman whose husband froze himself
  43. Audrey, a woman who waits for the washer repairman
  44. Stacey Duncan, inept ballerina
  45. Woman who requests a "Valet" for some very personal service
  46. Amy, an exotic dancer who's the bride of a very wealthy man
  47. Angel Tish, one-half of "America's Sweethearts"
  48. Paula, a commodities trader in "The Pits"
  49. Samantha, world traveler who has a fatal illness ("Changing Lanes")
  50. Israeli woman in "Treasure" (unnamed)
  51. Woman who really wants a plane ticket (unnamed)
  52. Lorraine, a highway worker who is a "Natural Woman"
  53. Fionnula, a maid in a hotel with phenomenal service
  54. Checker at an all-night market (who has a fondness for Gilbert & Sullivan)
  55. Margaret Neeman, Dr. Gibson's teacher and mentor (as a woman)
  56. Hans Neeman, Dr. Gibson's teacher and mentor (as a man)
  57. Miss Fontaine, actress at a dinner theater
  58. Betty, an impoverished woman
  59. Singer of a teen death medley (unnamed)
  60. Anne-Marie, the woman in prison who really wants her man
  61. Elaine, one of three lonely, desparate women on New Year's Eve
  62. Mrs. Gardiner, mother of the president of a nuclear industry business
  63. Gigi, Executive trainee candidate (who performs a memorable tap routine)
  64. Cosmonaut Kolonov, who's in love with her American partner
  65. Carol, a black woman stuck on the subway
  66. Joanie Sours, a newlywed
  67. Jacqueline Andrews, auction house representative
  68. Patricia, advertising executive in "The Handout"
  69. Competitive walker in "Teamies"
  70. Woman whose new boyfriend is a dummy -- literally
  71. Grandmother ("Omi") who's in a nursing home
  72. Chesty, retired exotic dancer now running a racy lingerie shop
  73. Maria, Hispanic maid
  74. Patty Greene, woman whose ex is a Palace Guard
  75. A clown
  76. Dreena, a Wave Girl
  77. Tammy Lee, a country wanna-be
  78. Half of a dancing cow
  79. Jinx Haber, aspiring actresss (she can fly)
  80. Bride-to-be whose grandmother knew Mussolini
  81. Woman leaving a message
  82. Bungee jumper
  83. Customer in "Da Me La Mano", an ex of Richie
  84. Date of the doctor and Elvis freak in "Needle in a Haystack"
  85. Woman in "The Final Polka"
  86. Very pregnant woman in "My Baby"
  87. Ann B. Cooper, the Cat Lady
  88. Wendy Gumm, the "other self" from "Parallel Existence"
  89. Visitor to Steven Spielburg's house
  90. Jo-Jo, the daughter in "The Baltimore Stoops"
  91. Sheila, an addicted shopper
  92. Rosaria, mother who argues a lot with her husband
  93. TV producer
  94. Julie, the woman at the bar who wants "Something Cool"
  95. Book publisher considering a book by Dr. Gibson
  96. Barbara, the artist who marries her client's son
  97. Wife of a rabid Browns fan
  98. Miranda Kenton, movie star and very self-involved person
  99. Grieving daughter at funeral
  100. Programming saleswoman who's desparate
  101. Penelope, a tea taster
  102. Rose Crawford, woman at a 60th high school class reunion
  103. IRS auditor
  104. Woman in "Who Is He?"
  105. Ms. Alexander, Broadway star in "Face the Music"
  106. Daisy, a restaurant owner
  107. Russian spy
  108. Baseball wife

Tracey Takes On... (1996-1999, HBO)

Characters are listed in approximate order of their first appearance.

  1. Herself (version 1)
  2. Rayleen Gibson, Australian stuntwoman
  3. Mrs. Noh Nang Ning, Asian (of unspecified origin, though she's not Chinese) owner of a donut shop
  4. Virginia Bugge, wife of a member of Parliament
  5. Hope Finch, college student
  6. Chic, cab driver of unspecified Middle Eastern origin
  7. Fern Rosenthal, Long Island and Boca Raton matron
  8. Chris Warner, "nutritionist" and lover of pro golfer Midge Dexter
  9. Linda Granger, actress, singer and author
  10. Janie Pillsworth, fashion magazine editor
  11. Kay Clark, employed at an S&L and caregiver to ailing mother
  12. Ruby Romaine, Hollywood makeup artist
  13. Unnamed Russian woman who's nostalgic for the bad ol'days
  14. Trevor Ayliss, flight attendant
  15. Laura Demerol, veteran actress
  16. Alicia del Mar, actress and snack cart operator
  17. Erin McCall, 60's folk singer
  18. Sydney Kross, high-profile attorney
  19. Her Royal Highness, member of the Royal Family
  20. Herself (version 2), who can interact with the other characters
  21. Birdie Godsen, right-wing radical housewife
  22. Sydney's mother
  23. Janie's mother, Jacqueline
  24. Sheneesha Turner, airport security guard
  25. Jane Seymour (voice only -- the Hollywood episode)
  26. Brother Sandy, minister (and the twin brother of Birdie Godsen)
  27. Madame Nadja, Beverly Hills madame of eastern European origin
  28. Katharine Hepburn (voice only -- the America episode)
  29. Marigold, a dance instructor


Tracey Ullman Takes On New York (HBO, 1993)

  1. Penny Johnson, Iowan who falls in love with NYC and has to sub for Linda Granger in "Finian's Rainbow"
  2. Linda Granger
  3. Janie Pillsworth
  4. Janie's mother, Jacqueline
  5. Fern Rosenthal

Tracey Ullman In The Trailer Tales (HBO, 2003)

  1. Ruby Romaine (older and younger versions)
  2. Svetlana, the prostitute who lives next door to Ruby
  3. Pepper Kane (older version), actress and music video maker

Tracey Ullman's State of the Union (Showtime, 2008)

Characters directly based on real people are shown in italics.
  1. Sindra Matano (sp?), undocumented worker from Bangladesh
  2. Marian Churchill, Jamaican caregiver
  3. Linda Alvarez, anchorwoman for WBFW in Buffalo
  4. Lacy/Lacey Harris, farmer in South Carolina
  5. Laurie David, environmental activist
  6. Arianna Huffington, political commentator and blogger
  7. Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House
  8. Irma Billings, housewife in Nebraska
  9. Padma Perkesh, pharmacist in Tennessee
  10. Tony Sirico, actor
  11. Gretchen Pincus, wife of a death-row inmate
  12. Rita Cosby, reporter
  13. David Beckham, soccer star
  14. Victoria Beckham, "Posh Spice" (voice only)
  15. Campbell Brown, reporter
  16. Sally Knox, investment banker in Manhattan
  17. Dina Lohan, mother of Lindsay and Ali
  18. Carmen Vog (sp?), ex-record company executive now living out of her car
  19. Chanel Monticello, airport security guard
  20. Staff Sgt. Lisa Penning, on leave from Iraq
  21. Renee Zellweger, actress
  22. Mother Superior Rose Penitela (sp?), of St. Mary's in Pennsylvania
  23. Chandra Perkette, yoga instructor in Coshocton, Ohio
  24. Rosa Batista, housekeeper for Arianna Huffington
  25. Asma Qassim (sp?), Malawi's biggest star
  26. Sherilyn O'Dell, congregant of an Episcopal church in Colorado
  27. Dame Judi Dench, actress
  28. Sandra Stevens, WNBA coach
  29. Unnamed dockworker or foreperson at the Port of Long Beach
  30. Unnamed flight attendant for JetBlue
  31. Marianne LeFrak, pregnant at age 71
  32. Andy Rooney, commentator
  33. Cameron Diaz, actress
  34. Annette Thomas, actress
  35. Ronnie Rooney, Andy's older brother
  36. Doris Basham, senior citizen and Canadian medicine purchaser
  37. Elena Sharkovsky (sp?), translator at United Nations headquarters
  38. Abby Melinda Harris, owner of Dignity Village in Arizona
  39. Suzanne Somers, actress and home shopping purveyor
  40. Dame Helen Mirren, actress
Uncertain: Mrs. Ruth Katzman (voice only) -- I don't hear the vocal qualities I normally associate with Tracey's voice


  1. Tina Wise, agent (in "I, Martin Short, Goes Hollywood", 1989)
  2. Emily Winthrop, dog trainer (voice)(on "The Simpsons", 1991)
  3. Mrs. Winfield, irate neighbor (voice)(on "The Simpsons", 1991) (see * below)
  4. Dava, Israeli ballerina (on "Love and War", 1993)
  5. Little Lulu (voice)(on "The Little Lulu Show", 1995) (1st season only)
  6. Dr. Tracy Clark (no relation to Kay), psychologist and "smile therapist (on "Ally McBeal", 1998-9)
  7. Ann, cooking instructor (on "Will & Grace", 2004

Note that movie characters are listed in the Movie category, so that's where you'll find her listing for Princess Winnifred in "Once Upon A Mattress".

* The character of Mrs. Winfield has appeared several times in "The Simpsons," but Tracey provided the voice for Mrs. Winfield only once: the same episode which features Emily Winthrop.

Commercials:  Tracey has provided the voice of Marsha in several  commercials for the Marshall's clothing store chain (1997-99).  She also appeared in several commercials for the Marshall Field's department store chain, including once as Fern Rosenthal.

Britain and Europe

A Class Act

  1. An early version of Trevor
  2. Kelly (one of the subjects of "37 Up")
  3. An early version of Virginia Bugge
  4. Denise, a social worker
  5. An upper class twit, who carries her dog with her
  6. A clerk from Cosmetics
  7. A Scottish woman
  8. A cab driver
  9. Mrs. Jacqueline Pillsworth (Janie's mother)
  10. A young Janie Pillsworth
  11. A passenger in first class with 2 children, Hugo and Tamsin

Three Of A Kind

The nature of the series (rapid-fire gags, with few scenes lasting over two minutes) makes it all but impossible to list every character Tracey portrayed.  The total would be in the hundreds, I'm sure -- about 10 to 15 an episode, by my count. But there are some that stand out (list in progress):

  1. Roz, upper-class socialite
  2. Moira McBitch, Scottish host and commentator
  3. Betty Tomlinson, impoverished housewife
  4. Julie, young newlywed
  5. Annoyah, a parody of Toyah
  6. Rissole, a singer-songwriter
  7. The young woman who's the prime target of "Medallion Man"
  8. Assistant to Rev. Nat Westminster (under various names)
  9. Jenny Hill, a parody of Benny Hill
  10. Cynthia Muesli
  11. Carolyn, a singer from America (in the "wanky woo" sketch) (I see hints of Linda Granger in this character)
  12. Bartender (on scores of occasions)
  13. One of the Ruinettes (singing group)
  14. Nolene Gibson, professional Australian (she could be one of Rayleen's long-lost sisters)
  15. A newsreader who's great at pronouncing Welsh names

Girls On Top

Since this was a sitcom, Tracey did only one character:

  1. Candice (pronounced Can-deece), disco raver and party girl

A Kick Up The Eighties

Since I've never seen any episodes of this series, I have no idea what characters she did.


Mackenzie (UK, 1980 -- BBC) -- Lisa Isaacs Mackenzie.  

This 12-part drama/soap aired in the UK in 1980; it aired in the US on A&E in the early to mid-'80s as part of a series called Bloodlines.  Tracey appeared in episodes 8 through 12, set in 1966 through 1974.  This predates Three Of A Kind and would have to be one of Tracey's earliest TV roles.

Happy Since I Met You (UK, ITV [Granada], 1981)

Tracey has a small part as Karen, the younger sister of Julie Walters' character.  This was written by Victoria Wood.  NOTE: previous references to this dating from 1986 were mistaken; 1986 is when it was issued on video, though the program itself is definitely from 1981.

Living Together (UK, ITV [Granada], 1980/81) -- unknown.  This also predates Three Of A Kind; written by Victoria Wood.  Could this be an alternate title for Happy Since I Met You?  I suspect it is.

On one of her series or specials, Tracey did an early version of Kay.  I'm told it was on Saturday Night in 1986 (see the Wanted page for more info).  I have yet to see any of these early appearances. The Dec. 24, 1983 issue of Melody Maker said that she was preparing material for a new TV series entitled The Four F's; I don't recognize this title.  Either it was scrapped or it got a new title (an early title for Girls on Top, perhaps?).



This encompasses theatrical and made-for-TV films.

  1. Sandra ("Give My Regards to Broad Street", 1984)
  2. unknown ("The Young Visiters", 1984)
  3. Alice Park ("Plenty", 1985)
  4. Wife of a diplomat ("Jumpin' Jack Flash", 1986)
  5. Thunderella (voice) ("Happily Ever After", 1988/1993)
  6. Moonbeam (voice) ("Happily Ever After", 1988/1993)
  7. Rosalie Boca ("I Love You to Death", 1990)
  8. Latrine ("Robin Hood: Men in Tights", 1993
  9. Catherine Falconetti Santangelo ("Household Saints", 1993)
  10. Eden Brent ("Bullets Over Broadway", 1994)
  11. Beth Hobbs ("I'll Do Anything", 1994)
  12. Nina Scant ("Pret-a-Porter/Ready to Wear", 1994)
  13. Frances "Frenchy" Fox Winkler ("Small Time Crooks", 2000)
  14. Martha ("Panic", 2000)
  15. Sylvia Stickles ("A Dirty Shame", 2004)
  16. The Cat (voice) (short "The Cat Who Looked At The King", 2004)
  17. Nell Van Dort/Hildegarde (voice) ("Corpse Bride", 2005
  18. Princess Winnifred ("Once Upon A Mattress", 2005)
  19. Miss Birdwell (voice) ("Kronk's New Groove", 2005)
  20. Mother Nature ("I Could Never Be Your Woman", 2006)

Not her:  Rose, assistant to Madeline Ashton, 1978 ("Death Becomes Her", 1992) (uncredited)* 

When Death Becomes Her was announced, Tracey was one of the stars mentioned.  But when it came out, she was apparently nowhere to be seen except possibly in a brief appearance as Rose, Madeline Ashton's assistant, in 1978.  She did not receive any on-screen credit.  Most if not all of her role ended up on the cutting room floor.

Since then, it appears that my impressions at the movie theater were mistaken, that it wasn't her at all.  The Internet Movie Database ( credits Nancy Fish with the role of Rose.  When viewing the film again, I am not positive that it is Tracey.  There is a bit of a facial resemblance, enough to wonder, but it doesn't really sound like her, except in one instance.  To be honest, I didn't care for the film and have no desire to see it again, so I'm not going to watch it again.  

Role That Never Was: unknown ("Everyone Says I Love You", 1995)

Ending up on the cutting room floor was also the fate of Tracey's role in Woody Allen's Everyone Says I Love You.  Her character was to have sang a song to Alan Alda's character; the song title was "I Want A Hot Dog In My Roll" [confirmed by Tracey on Second City Presents in October 2002.  Other sites reported the song title as "I Need A Little Sugar In My Bowl"; they've now been proven wrong].  Unfortunately for her, the movie was running long, and when Woody cut it down to a more appropriate length, her part was excised completely.


North America

  1. Katharina -- "The Taming of the Shrew" (New York - Shakespeare in the Park, 1990)
  2. Florence Aadland -- "The Big Love" (Florida - Coconut Grove Playhouse, 1990; New York - Broadway, 1991)

Britain and Europe

  1. A backup singer/chorus girl -- "Elvis The Musical" (London - late 70's)
  2. Frenchy -- "Grease" (London - late 70's, Astoria Theatre)
  3. Janet -- "The Rocky Horror Show" (London - late 70's, early 80's)
  4. Lead role, name unknown -- "Talent" (Liverpool Everyman, 1979-80)
  5. Vera -- "It's A Madhouse" (Liverpool Everyman, 1979-80)
  6. Sally -- "Zack" (Liverpool Everyman, 1979-80)
  7. Irene -- "Gloo Joo" (possibly at Young Vic, London -- 1979-80)
  8. Unknown -- "Dracula" (Young Vic, London -- 1979-80)
  9. Beverly -- "Four in a Million" (London, 1980-81 -- Royal Court Theatre Upstairs [also on TV, recorded by ATV])
  10. Dick -- "Dick Whittington" (pantomime) (Newcastle - 1981/82, Theatre Royal)
  11. Kate Hardcastle -- "She Stoops To Conquer" (London - 1982, Lyric Theatre)
  12. Henrietta -- "Bows and Arrows" (London - Oct. 1982, Young Writer's Festival)
  13. Carmen -- "The Grass Widow" (London - late 1983, Royal Court Theatre) (character described as "a drug-damaged California valley girl" -- Melody Maker, Oct. 22, 1983)

Interesting Tidbit: Tracey once appeared topless in a play, although her back was to the audience (from Melody Maker, Dec. 24, 1983)



Week Ending

Week Ending was a satirical sketch comedy program on BBC Radio 4.  Tracey was one of the featured performers in the early 1980s and would have undoubtedly played many different characters.  You can read more about the program at


In the Dec. 24, 1983 issue of Sounds magazine, Tracey said that she started doing some radio work at the age of 13.  One of the things she did was English lessons for Swedish children.  "I used to have to say these ridiculous sentences really slowly in my poshest voice.  I remember once having to say 'Peter wants a wonk.'  I told the producer it was really suggestive but he insisted that wonk meant fairy.  Have you ever heard that?"

Thanks to Andrew Mitchell, Liam Bourke and Laurie La Badie for assistance.


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